Current Patients

If you are an Existing patient with a new problem or have been to our office within the past year, you will need to complete a "Existing" patient intake form.  This can be done by printing a paper form and bringing it to our office.

"Existing" patient intake form (print at home and fill out by hand)                   

If you are an existing patient and it has been over 1 year since your last visit, you will need to complete the "New" patient intake form.  This can be done by printing a paper form and completing it by hand OR filling out the online form, printing it and bringing it to your appointment.

"New" patient intake form (print at home and fill out by hand)            

 Online "New" patient intake form (fill out form online, print it and bring it to your appointment) 

  • insurance card
  • co-pay or co-insurance payment
  • insurance referral if needed
  • copies of any other physician notes for the same problem
  • copies of nerve studies
  • copies of x-rays or imaging studies such as CT Scans or MRIs for the problem area


I need help with my current problem or surgery.  What should I do?

If you are concerned about you're current condition, please call our office during our normal business hours.  If it is after our normal business hours, and your concern is urgent and cannot wait until the next business day,  call our office and the answering service will notify the physician on-call.



Prescription Refills

All requests for prescription refills will be handled through the office medical assistants with direct communication with our physicians. Prescriptions will be refilled during business hours only, and will not be processed after business hours or on weekends. We will not honor any prescription refill requests by e-mail. Please call our office if you would like us to refill your prescription.


Getting copies of medical records

Our office follows federal guidelines of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA,) and other privacy rules. All patients who would like a copy of their medical records can either contact our office and complete a Records Release Form for traditional paper copies or use the electronic patient portal.  Although Connecticut State Law requires copies of records be available within 30 days of a request, our office works hard to process all records requests as soon as possible.


Getting forms filled out such as: disability forms or other legal forms

Our office gets numerous requests to complete disability and other forms for our many patients. To ensure that all forms are completed correctly, we require 7 to 10 days to process these requests. Please bring any forms you need completed to our office as soon as possible to best facilitate this process.  Although Connecticut State Law requires forms be completed within 30 days of a request, our office works hard to process all form requests as soon as possible.



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